Thursday, October 1, 2009

Text-only entry, sowwie

I've been a bad updater. Bad, bad me!! Speaking of blogs though, did you know October is Blogtober along with Socktober. That's right!! More reason for me to get into blogging and sock knitting.

Yeah, about sock knitting.. I don't know why, but those monkeys I started took me a month a finish. Haven't a clue why. I guess nowadays I'm more apt to knit when I feel like rather than because I really want to finish something. I must tell you they're beautiful though. And, the softest socks I've put on my feet. Softer than Malabrigo Sock yarn and I don't know why. I can't feel the definition of the stitches on my feet with the the Monkeys, but with the Malabrigo Sock yarn socks, I can. Weird, huh?

I've also worked more on cabling. I forgot my yarn was broken in two sections though and learned 4 feet is not long enough for a scarf. Hopefully after some splicing it works out better. I did have to frog it though shortly after the previous entry because I made a big boo-boo. It's going a lot better now.

So yeah, expect a blog filled with pictures tomm and so on. Or, maybe I could leave you a teaser? Just a few, lol.

By the way, KnitPurlGurl is having a giveaway of Bamboo Interchangeable needles from WEBS. Check it out!!

Now those teasers...