Monday, August 10, 2009


I forgot to show you my new yarn that I got the other day. Every now and then my LYS gets a shipment of Fleece Artist or Hand Maiden in. This last one had been delayed, but I'm so happy to have come in at just the right time to get this:
If I could name my yarn on Ravelry, just like you do with projects, I'd name this yarn Ariel. The colorway reminds me a lot of The Little Mermaid. So, for the specifics... this is Fleece Artist Merino 2/6, which will probably end up becoming a pair of socks. I think the Fleece Artist colorway is Sea Foam, but there's no description to the yarn tag. It looks similar to the other Sea Foam skeins I saw on Ravelry anyhow.

By the way, that chocolate dessert you saw on that last entry? It was ice cream balls. McDonald's tried something similar in the past. Mine was Chocolate & Cookies, which were Fudgee-O's. It was pretty good, but it's best if you don't eat it immediately after they get it out of their fridge. Way too cold, especially the chunks that were stuck together. I learned the hard way on that and had to wait 'til it melted to close my mouth. It also brings on brain freeze a lot sooner than regular ice cream if you try what I said.

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