Friday, August 21, 2009

I've been a bad bad updater

And I have been productive since my last entry, but just didn't like the end results from the pictures that I took.

Yep, I finished my Malabrigo socks.

I've been wanting to take better pictures, but just haven't felt the motivation, nor the inspiration. Gotta feel a little inspired to take a good pic of these socks, lol. I love them, but I also find it hard to capture the leg pattern well. Then again, that's what I took a second picture for. Hope you like these pictures:

I gave myself a day of a break after completing these socks to cast-on, and begin, my first Monkey sock. So far, so good. I only had to rip back once. However, I've noticed that if you make an error, while knitting, with this pattern, that it's best to go back and fix it. Mistakes of your own will be noticeable, especially if it's a yarn over. The good thing about the pattern for the Malabrigo socks is that I got away with my own errors, not so much with the socks I'm working on now. Doesn't bother me, but requires that I pay more attention. That may not be so much fun, lol.

Alrighty, I'll be seeing you guys after the weekend, where I will be taking part in a Coastal/Provincial Co-ed Softball tournament. Many pictures will be had and lots of knitting (on those Monkey sock) shall be done!

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  1. You'll enjoy the Monkey socks! If you don't, start over with another pattern. There are lots out there!