Sunday, July 5, 2009

Afro Samurai and Ghostbusters

So, like I said before... I've got two new games under my belt. All the games I will be reviewing on here are 360 games, I should add.In the near future, I will be including pictures of my own. Sorry for text only entries right now. Anyways, within the last couple of weeks, I played Afro Samurai then Ghostbusters.

I've heard of Afro Samurai before. Seen tidbits of it while it was on tv and it seemed quite interesting. I figured this would lead to an entertaining videogame, indeed it was. The graphics were not for children, but they were amazing nonetheless. Comic book, anime level graphics, I'd say.

Afro Samurai is about a Samurai seeking revenge for his father's death. He goes against the foes that either lead to his death, or just stood by. Along the way, he comes across more enemies that add to his death wishlist. Violence ensues from there.

The controls were not difficult to use, but as you progress in the game.. you must learn to master them to get further. Mastering the controls? That's another story. That was difficult. Knowing just where to stand to slice rope, pisses you off after awhile. Slicing rope shouldn't be like rocket science. Nor should completing a boss within a level, where you must perform a certain manuever. That took me all night. Sure, button-mashing will take you places, but with this game, it will only take you so far. I was quite pleased once I completed the game. It took some skill that I didn't know I had. That and a lot of patience. A LOT.

Now, onto Ghostbusters. Playing this game reminded me of how much I enjoyed the movie as a kid. Ghostbusters, unlike Afro Samurai, is very family friendly. C'mon, Slimer is about as scary as it got. Okay, not really, some of the ghosts weren't so friendly looking, but it was a lot more "clean" than Afro. The controls were easy to learn. Sure, it took a little practice to learn how to trap a ghost, but it definitely did not take all night. The game was very warm and entertaining, just like I recalled the movie as a child.

Without giving much away, in the game you play a Rookie who just scored a job with the fellow Ghostbusters. You tag along with them on their calls and discover the storyline. I kinda felt this game was too short though, but as with all movie-based videogames, it was quickly over, just like the movies.

What made it even better was the multiplayer feature. Now, I don't mean playing it two players (for this is only a one player game), but playing it on X-BOX Live with other players. There's different modes you can play it online, which leads to hours of entertainment. As you play it with other online players too, your score is added up to earn you different uniforms for your Ghostbuster, as well.

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