Thursday, July 9, 2009

Red Sox for someone's lil fan's feet

A better picture will be coming, but let me tell ya these socks are bright red, so you might wanna wear some shades before you view this picture:
Yarn: Briggs & Little Tuffy
Colorway: Red Mix
Pattern: Bernat Sox Ankle Socks (To Knit)

Originally, I knit these for my Fiance's youngest nephew, but they might end up fitting the oldest one instead. Doesn't bother me, but I'm not sure they'll even fit him. Might go to his close cousin's son. It'll go to someone eitherway. I must say that making the heel with this pattern was a pain though. I always had to seek assistance with that on this pattern. Fortunately, when it came to working the heel on the 2nd sock I finally wrote what helped me. The pattern was just a lil unclear that it had to be done.

I should add that I finished the purse from before. It needs to be felted, so I'm waiting for that before I take a picture. It sure was a quick knit and it turned out really nice in the end.

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