Thursday, July 30, 2009


I finished this today:
Consider this picture to be a teaser.
It's a shawl that I knit for my mother's 50th Birthday coming in October. Yeah, I'm surprised I finished it so soon. The pattern was a little conflicting with me and I honestly cannot come up with a reason why. It's still got to be washed and blocked, but I have to go to the LYS to do that as they have blocking wires, more space, and less interference (aka kids or pets) there. I won't be saying the pattern until either I block it or it is in my mother's hands. I never know who might read this.

The color, by the way, looks like this:
Yarn: Briggs & Little Durasport
Colorway: Blue Jean
Pattern: TBA

This picture also shows a sample of the garter stitch that I did in this project. Trust me, I did a lot of it, and I actually enjoyed it, too. When I first started knitting I never thought I'd enjoy knitting garter stitch, but somehow I've warmed up to it. Maybe after reading in blogs how soothing it is to knit, it's helped me appreciate such a simple stitch.

Oh, and that massive Malabrigo Sock knot(s)? It's been all detangled. Don't know whether I should put pictures up of it all detangled though. I brought it to Knit Group last night, a fellow Knitter couldn't stand the sight of such a tangled mess, so she started detangling right then and there. By the end of Knit Group it had been pretty much all detangled, the knitter took it home to finish it up though, and told me to pick it up today. I'm soooo happy!! I can finish those socks peacefully, I hope *fingers crossed*. Now, to come up with a gift for the Knitter who so kindly did detangled that massive knot for me, hmmmmmm...


  1. gorgeous!! what yarn is that?

  2. I forgot to add that info when I originally wrote the entry, but have since added it! It's Briggs & Little Durasport=)