Monday, July 27, 2009

Face your knitting fears

I found the skein, the pattern, and I conquered!
Yarn: Briggs & Little Heritage
Colorway: Light Blue
Pattern: Cables & Columns by a good friend of mine
Yep, I faced my cabling fears. The first time I attempted cables, I had a very loose laddering effect on the sides, which frustrated and confused me so much that I was scared to face them again. Then, the next attempt, I just didn't have faith in the pattern and was lost after the 2nd row. Finally, I gave the pattern a chance before giving up and it all came together, like so. It seems to be a slow process and that's probably because it's a new knitting maneuver, possibly more because I'm not using a cable needle, either.

What I have found that helps me with cabling is that I give the yarn that I am knitting with an extra tug, between knit and purl transitions, or at the beginning or end of a cable. So far, the laddering effect has not shown up due to this.

So, with this said.. face your knitting fears like I have! Sure, the water may be cold at first, but you'll warm up to it!