Saturday, July 4, 2009

You know, I was really thinking of taking the name notsoaverageknitter before this one. I really liked it, too. Then, suddenly it hit me... that name can be taken wrong. It can make me look like a below average knitter, instead of above. And so this name was born!


This name? I came up with it while my sleep was disrupted, due to a loud clap of thunder. Did I ever mention that I hate thunder? No? Now you know. Yeah, when you fall out of a high bed as a kid because of it, and lightning striking an area nearby, that can do it to ya.

Anyways, the end result of this name still says that I'm different. With that said, this won't be just a knitting blog, but one about my other love... and no, it's not a man. I would not dedicate a blog to a man, pssshawww!

I love videogames. I love watching people play them. I love playing them myself. My fiance calls me a nerd because of this... that and because I say "portions".

I do have two new videogames under my belt recently. Those reviews will be coming up shortly. I don't want to say too much in the first entry now.

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